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make checks out to MOFGA (our fiscal sponsor) with "Greenhorns" in the memo line.  Send to:

Maine Organic Farmer's and Grower's Association (MOFGA) // Attn: Greenhorns

PO Box 170, Unity, Maine 04988, USA


Our mission is to promote, support and recruit young farmers in America.

Our method is the production new agrarian media, we are cultural workers in the agricultural revival. We make films, radio, song collections, guidebooks, almanacs, anthologies,workshops, exhibits, mixers, art-stunts and imaginal logistics platforms.  Our programs and projects address the practical concerns of those in their first years farming, but also the social needs of new entrants into the agricultural community. We emphasize sustainable farming, innovation and entrepreneurship– traits that characterize the network we serve.

Our grassroots project is succeeding. Our feature film, The Greenhorns, has been screened more than 3000 times in schools, churches, main street cinemas, farm living rooms and conferences in America and abroad.You can request a screening here.

Our radio show, with an average 5,000 weekly downloads is beloved by farmers across the country, as is our longtime blog " the irresistible fleet of bicycles' for news, gossip, ephemera and practical training programs.  We recently published an anthology of Young Farmer essays and an Almanac for this generation. In the  7 years of our existence as a mostly volunteer-powered non-profit project we have managed to pull off more than 200 events for young farmers in all kinds of venues from orchards, abandoned pharmacies, museums, farm stands and church basements, to grange halls and maritime museums. Here are some pictures of our mixers.

Our office is located in Essex, NY in the heart of the Champlain Valley. From here we coordinate our various events, new media projects, special research and advocacy, and our large collection of props, catering equipment, art supplies etc. We are often on tour, and our team is distributed all across the country, particularly concentrated in those parts of the country with a strong local and organic farming communities. We learn to farm as apprentices, the farms of grey-haired elders are the nurseries for the young farmers movement.  They raise up new growers, who many times settle out into new, and emergent organic farm geographies, setting down roots and firming in places less hospitable, but more affordable.

Our upcoming projects deserve your support, and in fact we cannot continue to build on this great momentum without continuing support from private donors, foundations and sponsors like yourselves. Donations to our organization are tax-deductible and will be put towards sustaining our network, and the new projects we are working on.



As of 2014, 84% of ex- Greenhorns team-mates are now full time farmers in the field.

Greenhorns 2015 funding sources:

Private Donations  $90,000

Foundation Grants $210,000

Screening/ Sales income $30,000


From sculptures to sound-design, copy and film editing, web-work, table-cloths, cartoons, water-colors to construction, Greenhorns remains highly collaborative, and vividly inter-disciplinary, with dirty-fingernails and entrepreneurial vim.


Some Greenhorns projects are quite big, some are quite small. They swell and burst into flower, then hopefully seed locally based action, according to needs of that place and the people there. We like to "Light the match," to " hasten the good time coming" and to " bundle and broadcast" the agrarian cultural voices of our peers. Our recent California Grange Future tour, similar to an olde-time Chatauqua, taught us the value of showing up for a focal event, working with local partners, meeting

Greenhorns Radio Weekly podcast on Heritage Radio Network. Each week a new young or youngish farmer reflecting on the path, the dream, the logistics, the heartbreak. More than 200 episodes on archive so far:

Intergallactic Agrarian Mix-tape. A cassette tape (open source, creative commons) collaboration with the English Young Farmers movement, freely re-recordable, a set of songs about resistance. A project of Greenhorns + Farmworkers Alliance.

Maine Sail Freight Project. A follow up to 2013’s maiden voyage of the Vermont Sail Freight (350 miles each way from Vermont to Manhattan with $60,000 of regional food) Our eventual goal with this one is a route from Lubec to Boston. This summer we’ll pull off a highly choreographed sail-powered community potluck, cargo-logistics website and big-tent event to celebrate the various sail-freight projects in formation.

Greenhorns publications: 

BIG Land (Benevolent Investors Guide) Given the massive concentration of wealth in this country, and our funny new sub-club of billionaire land stewards, we decided to print a pro-active guidebook for wealthy people who want to invest in land and young farmers, and to help them do it right.  ( Next publications are: Greenhorns Guide to Agroforestry, Greenhorns guide to Historic Preservation)

Posters We’re working on 2 posters, on Land Reform and Land Use Progression, one with Pat Perry about Ejido’s, Sherman’s Order, Terre de Liens, and dozens of other land reform movements around the world and through time. The other is a land-use history map of the Hudson-Champlain waterway, with Markley Boyer. Scroll forward to see the future, this is based on my parents work on a series called New Providence about an imaginary townscape's evolution.

The Land Magazine, a glorious occasional publication about land rights out of Devonshire, UK. Greenhorns is happy to publish and distribute it in the USA.

Our Land, web films about building a new farm economy, inside the old one. We tried hard to do them monthly, but really thats impossible. There are quite a lot of them still in the hopper—so stay tuned.

The New Farmers Almanac, a bi-annual publication with its eye on the future. The 300 page, 2015 Edition has107 contributing writers, and dozens of contributing artists and amateur historians.

Grange Future is a multi-media project about the Grange movement, past and present, its core tenets, drama and revival, gathering oral histories,and testimony about community histories in 8 micro-regions around the country. We made a Grange Future travelling exhibit and have taken it around to Grange Halls. Have one in your town? Get in touch! Our first vinyl record “GRANGE FUTURE: Traditional Songs Sung by Brian Dewan,” recorded in our active Adirondack grange halls.

NY State Lands Initiative is a piece of legislation we need the Governor to sign. It puts NY State owned prison, municipal, transportation and mental health lands up for lease/ RFP for beginning farmers.

Serve Your Country Food map has been up for a while, but we’ve recently added a bunch of useful datasets, in particular agrarian lawyers and land trusts.

Seed Circus 2016, 3-Day Bonanza - We’re in pre planning mode for a serious festival celebrating the intersections and themes of the north country, and hyper rural young farmers movement. This includes draft power, seed saving, agro-forestry, farming with the wild, historic preservation, carbon farming, populism.

Seed Rights Campaign, working to protect the human right to breed, save and share seed outside the commodity framework. Greenhorns is one partner in a larger campaign, focusing on grassroots communications, outreach to small-scale and regional seed breeders and to young farmers. Other partners include Sustainable Economies Law Center, Organic Seed Alliance.

Chestnut Project, run by James Most who is building a west-coast nursery of grafted chestnut trees to distribute to farmers, ranchers, and landowners to promote crop diversification and land restoration with tree crops.

Soil Carbon. Along with Rebecca Burgess, Sallie Calhoun and Rio de La Vista, we're convening a stakeholder meeting on Soil Carbon at Paicines Ranch. There will be audio posted to Greenhorns.

Headquarters Mother Orchard. Eliza Greenman will lead the team installing a mother orchard for the north country at our brand-new headquarters in Westport NY. Join in the fun, come visit.

Seaweed Commons. A project inspired by the work of Nobel-prize winning economist Elinor Ohstrum, to convene a council for commons-based natural resource management of edible seaweed along the coast of Maine. Public trainings and lectures to be held at College of the Atlantic, where they offer a degree in Human Ecology. This work will take us up to Alaska to study, speak, and learn with the Community Fisheries projects located there.

Land Reform Trainings. Greenhorns is partnering with Agrarian Trust to raise the profile of peaceful land reform, the history and promise of a powerful tactic for dis-aggregating. The first session at Brower Center in Berkeley has all audio online.

Greenhorns Library and Archive. We've catalogued and open-sourced our library collection on LibraryThing. Soon we'll be shelving the books in our new headquarters in New York. Plenty of work for volunteers who love to read. Meanwhile, archivists at the Schumacher Center have begun the process of building an inter-library system of reading lists, excerpts and 'self-training' modules on New Economics. We'll be pushing that along to you.

In these times: Rural Edition. As leadership begins to shift out of severine's solo-violin, and into a small chamber orchetrette of capable musicians, Severine will be able to write more. In These Times is a progressive magazine and blog, Severine is pleased to join Winona Laduke as a founding editorial contributor to a 'rural'  version.

Lost Landscapes: Rural Edition. Greenhorns is thrilled to be working in coalition with Rick Prelinger of the Prelinger Library on an 'archival remix' following in his series of projects compiling home-video from San Francisco, New York, Detroit and other cities. These films are shown in a community context, they iterate, they learn, and it is the audience who provides the narration. We'll be taking this show on the road starting late summer 2015.

FFA Watchdog. Eliza Greenman led us off to a great start in 2014 when she brought a team down to the National Convention of Future Farmers of America in Kentucky. It’s a group that gets federal as well as corporate funding to promote agricultural leadership. We, too, wish to promote agricultural leadership, but not as a 'mouthpiece for ag-industry'.

Researching Land Justice. An ongoing investigation into durable land-holding configurations, many times in a spiritual / religious context. For now we’re starting with research, on Catholic Worker farms, Navajo Reservations and Zen Monestaries.

Greenhorns also continues to support Farm Hack with event coordination, marketing, outreach, ground-work. We are focused on the Farm Owned Distribution Network.  Greenhorns Library is hosted on Library Thing.


Grassroots make it happen!



If you are interested in helping in the fundraising process, whether by putting us in touch with potential donors, or grant writing, or hosting events, or donating music, or skill-sharing, or hosting fundraisers, please email Severine.

the Greenhorns, 767 Leighton Point Rd Pembroke ME 04666