Get out and circulate!

To find out about events and important funding deadlines, check out our calendar. And a few reasons that you should get out and meet people:

1. Food system resiliency and business development.

The local farm foodsystem is a stream of players, events, processes and interactions and transactions that get food from dirt to plate. That’s a big leap, but it’s doable with help from farmers to give advice, friends with barns to store garlic, core groups to start CSAs, market managers to accept new producers and customers who love farmers and good food. Throughout this chain, good communication, relational market-place understanding, and trust are key.

2. Love/Social Life.

Make out with another person who’s got dirty fingernails! Agriculture is a minority industry to begin with and it’s no help that young farmers often feel alienated from the established ag-sector. Young farmers must work to befriend their ag elders–and avoid the life of a hobbit. The NYFC aims to help farmers find each other, whether they’re looking for love or just to commiserate about their 1955 International tractor. Friends, lovers and listeners are the basis of a happy, healthy farming life.

3. Gossip.

It’s critical to know what’s happening in your community, to hear from people who have leased land from a particular landowner, or sold produce to a particular restaurant– and not been paid! The trends, topics and tensions experienced by farmers in adjoining regions are all-important for your business.

4. Networking for Commerce.

Social occasions are the time and place for reviewing chicken pluckers, agreeing to breed sows with boars, partnering on feed orders, and in general partnering and cooperating more effectively. These conversations and interactions will make your farm more successful and save you cash.

Young Farmer Coalitions are popping up all over the country.  Here is a list of a few that exist already and are doing fantastic work. If you don’t see your area listed, contact us, because we may know something that’s being organized there right now! New Connecticut Farmers Michigan Young Farmers’ Coalition Washington Young Farmers’ Coalition Southeastern Young and Beginning Farmers’ Coalition Hudson Valley (NY) Young Farmers’ Coalition