OUR LAND 2 Press Release

OUR LAND 2— A national land symposium organized by Agrarian Trust.

November 9-17th.

In Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico

Full program: www.agrariantrust.org/2016symposium

The local / regional food economy we want, needs territory. OUR LAND 2 is a national symposium on structural land access, conservation and transition issues with a focus on the lessons of the Southwest’s unique Acequia system and drylands agriculture. This is a six day series of events, exhibits, talks by academics, activists, archivists, historians and some of our best minds on the public trust. OUR LAND 2 is presented by Agrarian Trust, in partnership with Quivira Coalition, Biodynamic Association, Santa Fe Farmers Market, Bioneers, Betterday Coffee, Rio Grande/ Northern New Mexico Young Farmers Alliance and the Whitehead Foundation. OUR LAND 2 is a follow up to OUR LAND 1, held in Berkeley, CA in 2014, which was a huge success with over 600 attendees from 13 states.

MSF Press Release February 2016

MAINE SAIL FREIGHT Continues …  upcoming events in Portland and Bar Harbor, Maine.

Young Farmers Advocate, Severine von Tscharner Fleming, Embarks on Alaska Speaking Tour

Severine von Tscharner Fleming, director of the young farmers organization, The Greenhorns, is coming to Alaska this September for a 9-day speaking tour and to meet with young farmers and fishermen in Kenai, Homer, Palmer and Anchorage. Fishing and farming groups worked together to bring the farmer, activist and organizer from New York’s Champlain Valley to engage with young Alaskan farmers and fishermen in conversations about their livelihoods and local food.


MSF with Cuisine en Locale, Somerville, MA

The kind folks of Maine Sail Freight join us for a round table about the New England food economyy. We will also be serving tacos made with produce from Crown o' Maine Organic Co-op via cargo ship.

MSF Press Release – August 2015

THIS WEEKEND! “A story about Adventure Commerce­​coastal schooner delivers valuable organic cargo to Boston’s new public market, thanks to punky young agrarians, kindly captain and a family­owned distribution company”

Maine Sail Freight – Boston Schedule


MSF Press Release – July 2015

MAINE SAIL FREIGHT:Greenhorns, a non-profit for young farmers organization, announces the maiden voyage of MAINE SAIL FREIGHT, shipping of regional agricultural products down the coast of Maine by sail-powered ship. It's a summer-long pageant  celebrating our regional food economy,  its history and future. The Harvey Gamage will arrive, laden with Maine-grown cargo, to the Long Wharf at Boston Harbor on August 29th in the evening. 
Grange Future Tour

For immediate Release.

Meet the Populist side of the young farmer movement. Greenhorns
announces “
Grange Future Tour”, a traveling exhibit about the history and future
of the Grange idea, to be staged in Grange Halls along the California Coast.

“Modern Farmer” be damned, there’s a powerful understory of country mice who fashion our own tools, and resist the tools of fashion. The food system is broken, and we’re building a new one inside of it, one aligned with our values, a virtuous economy that fits the landscape. This is an intergenerational project, studying history, and preparing for deep-future.

Grange Future is a project of The Greenhorns, a radical network of young farmers, cultural workers with a mission to promote, support and recruit the incoming generation of sustainable farmers and agrarians. We create media (film, radio, almanacs, anthologies, posters, pamphlets and art stunts) as well as community events to enliven the pathway into farming with in-person networking, life-skills and unorthodox educational opportunities. We love to butcher, sail, smoke, tan, weld, sing, project films, and dance to old timey music in the Grange Halls across America. We like bonfires and open-source farm technology.

After throwing a few mixers in Grange halls, and enjoying the vibes and facilities we became curious about the history of the Grange movement, and its contemporary life.

GRANGE FUTURE TRAVELING EXHIBIT celebrates the long history of the grange movement, and studies the relevance of this farmers' fraternal organization as a logical, local, and community-scale venue for political organizing, potlucking, moral education, leadership and cultural life. As you likely know, the Grange grew up as a platform for anti-monopoly legislative action by farmers against the railroads and was a major force in women's suffrage, cooperative enterprise development and rural free mail delivery. They came up with the double yellow lines on the road, and the majority of anti-monopoly legislation. The Grange was the first organization in the US that gave women equal vote in membership, and in fact required four women as full officers (Lady Assistant Steward, Flora, Pomona, Ceres) in order to found a grange. Susan B. Anthony famously said “I can tell a Granger woman just by looking at her”.

Today's grange revival echoes these same themes: food preservation, buying clubs, contra-dance, GMO labeling campaigns, film screenings, farmers mixers and dances.

The Exhibit is Various! Visual, audio, and conversational!

  • We've commissioned Grange songs performed by Brian Dewan
  • More songs and more
  • Custom tablecloths from Christin Ripley and a portable agricultural pamphlet display
  • A slideshow and spoken-word history talk
  • Young farmer’s testimony about Grange revival
  • A library of agrarian reading materials
  • Oral history recording from Granges in NY and VT
There’s a micro-version of the Grange Future Presentation online and a whole website, grangefuture.org dedicated to celebrating the history and revival of the ‘grange idea.’

Starting up north in Mendocino County, in partnership with the Grange Farm School, we’ll travel down the coast to San Diego. The Exhibit features the work of the Beehive Collective, Hudson Valley Seed Library, Rural Academy Theater, and other rural cultural works expressing the Grange Idea.


Dec 4  Little Lake Grange (Willits)

Dec 7 Fort Bragg

Dec 11 Anderson Valley Grange (Philo)

Dec 13-14 Sebastopol Grange

Dec 20  Live Oak Grange (Santa Cruz)

Jan 14  Shaping San Francisco

Jan 20 Eco Farm Conference (Pacific Grove)

San Luis Obispo, Ojai, San Diego and San Juan Capistrano -- dates TBA!  

Vermont Sail Freight Project Ships Farm Products to New York

Vergennes, VT - The Vermont Sail Freight Project, a new sail-powered transportation company and educational platform, is poised to deliver its first shipment of sustainably farmed products to families, retailers and restaurants along the historic Champlain-Hudson waterway in October 2013. The newly built, crowd-funded sailing barge, Ceres, ferries up to 15 tons of shelf-stable foods from the Champlain Valley, Vermont and the Adirondack region to New York City and ports in-between, by maximizing windpower over costly and polluting fossil fuels. The project’s goal is to revitalize our regional food economy through ongoing relationships with family farms and the sailing community, and to share the spoils of this integrated model with citizens all the way along the Champlain-Hudson supply chain.

Vermont Sail Freight – Brochure

This vessel carries forward an honorable history of sail- powered commerce throughout Northeast waterways and particularly along the Hudson, but it’s not a reenactment. With its 15 tons of cargo, the vessel is an efficient regional food distributor, and a powerful platform for dialog about the possibilities for a truly sustainable value-chain and re-regionalized food system. Ceres makes her maiden voyage down the Hudson September 2013 and will make repeat trips in 2014 and beyond.

Vermont Sail Freight Project Arrives in New York!

A hand-built BARGE carrying Farm products sails all the way to Brooklyn Docks in East River, at Brooklyn Navy Yard (October 25-Nov 1)

The Greenhorns Release 2013 New Farmer’s Almanac and Audio Companion

Innovative publication for farmers harnesses sail freight, CSAs, events & online & traditional retail for unique distribution model