It is with sadness that we inform you that Power

North portion of the Adirondack Harvest Festival is


cancelled. Our partners will continue with their

events as planned. 


Due to funding shortfalls, Greenhorns has had to cancel a lot of our programming.
We are trying to catch up and if you can help we’d appreciate it so we can get back on track!

Power North at the Adirondack Harvest Festival in 



the Champlain Valley September 16-18, 2016



Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased online at Eventbrite!

Power North is a three-day public festival celebrating the remarkable arts, cultural diversity and new economies of the Adirondacks, and showcasing the emerging multi-sectoral character of the North Country.

In collaboration with our partners, Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST),  Champlain Area Trails (CATS), Cornell Cooperative Extension, Essex Farm and Draft Animal Power Network (DAPNet), we are co-hosting a variety of presentations, workshops, events and tours in and around the Essex County Fairgrounds in Westport, NY.


Friday will consist of half-day farm tours in Essex County along with intensive workshops. Saturday and Sunday will boast a range of presentations, workshops, live music and cultural activities from a variety of well renowned leaders in regenerative agriculture, draft power, heirloom fruit production, local history, sustainable fiber and dye, agroforestry, farming with the wild and much more. We project to have at least 400 individuals in attendance over the course of the three day festival!


Parallel Events:

ROOST is also coordinating with CATS and the Essex County Fairgrounds to organize parallel events in the local community alongside the Festival (hike and bike tours, cider and cheese tastings, and other autumn-themed agricultural and outdoor events). DAPNet will offer multiple days of draft animal power demonstrations during the Festival, both at the Fairgrounds and at nearby whole-diet horse-powered Essex Farm.

Partners Include: ROOSTCornell Cooperative Extension, Essex Farm,
Draft Animal Power Network, and Champlain Area Trails
Sponsors include: Fibershed, Agrarian Trust, Carbon Farming, Appleseed Permaculture, Vermont Bean Crafters, Farm Hack, Experimental Farm Network, Wild Farm Alliance, North Country Public Radio, Adirondack Watershed Institute, Adirondack Center for Writing, BTW Berkshires, and the Essex Farm Institute.
Tickets can be purchased online at Eventbrite.