“Seed Week


Our seed is our future.


We recognize seed as both global, and highly localized commons — a common ecosystem of  genetics, cultural relations, and the result of centuries of adaptation, and survival. We cherish the richness of this biological and cultural legacy and join together in the common struggle to defend it for the future.We are farming.

As land and seed stewards operating in a time of maximum economy and under the pressures of global capitalism, we have a special responsibility to the seeds we’re growing. How can we affirm the freedom and life-force of the seeds in our care? How can we embody the wisdom of the seeds in all our work and throughout the value-chain of the sustainable farm economy?  How do we save, breed and adapt seeds for our local climates? How do we defend seed from contamination and enclosure? How do we build networks of exchange, from non-commercial seed libraries, to farmer-driven cooperative seed companies?  How do we preserve, trade, guard and sell seeds ? How do we communicate to the public, our 'seed culture' and policy vision? Who are our allies in this work, and how do we band together?


A 5 day long convergence, teach- in and training for seed advocates. Here,  we'll cover topics surrounding seed freedom. These include:


• state/national/international seed policy and trade rules
• regional seed production/networks
• adaptive breeding methodologies
• messaging and policy pathways
• legal strategies
• cooperative institution-making for genetic diversity
• grass-roots organizing for community resilience




Owl Peak Farm
24 State Road 519
La Madera, NM




September 14-18, 2015


Facilitation and Presentations:


Rowen White (Sierra Seeds), Neil Thapar (Sustainable Economies Law Center), Kristina Hubbard (Organic Seed Alliance), Severine vT Fleming (Greenhorns) and more


Cost :


$650 includes all food + drink, accommodations, printed materials, swimming hole, micaceous clay pottery studio, and evening activities




Cleo Ulatowski
(c) 914 255 5504

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