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Saturday Oct 24 + 25

Severine Fleming speaks at Neahtawanta

A new Economy on the land. In Agrarians we trust, all others pay cash. The entering generation of Agrarians have demonstrated a bold vision to build thousands of farm businesses for local food security. We need many more to succeed. Many who try are confounded when they try to find durable land access and tenure. I will be making the argument that we need to design and enact new frameworks for community land-ownership. All of us benefit from the revival of these farm-steads, and the initiatives of young farmers, orchardists, dairymen and women. Today, the macro-economy imposes extraction, speculation and degradation of our land, but that will not work tomorrow. How can our water-shed, our food-shed, and the historic cultural landscape inform the new economy we need? How can eaters reconnect meaningfully with both the eco-system and economic system that will sustain the quality of the places we love. http://www.neahtawantainn.com/
1308 Neahtawanta Road
Traverse City, MI 49686

Saturday Feb 13

Severine Fleming - Keynote Speaker at 4th Annual San Juan Islands Ag Summit

Over 300 farmers young and old, farm advocates, the Washington State University (WSU) Small Farms Team, Organic Seed Alliance, Northwest Agriculture Business Center, the WSU Northwest Research and Extension Center, and others will gather to seek inspiration, information, and ideas to further invigorate and revive small-scale agriculture in our island archipelago and beyond.

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island
San Juan Island